ADRA Swaziland is committed to main portifilios that are key to restoring dignity, health, prosperity and freedom from for thousands of Swazis.
ADRA fights against poverty, both in form of humanitarian help and as disaster relief but also with long-term development projects. ADRA's core portfolios are:

Food Security
ADRA supports projects in the world-wide fight against hunger: agricultural yield increase by ecological methods; design and lay out of family gardens, building of irrigation facilities and water retaining systems, reforestation and other projects.


Economic Development
ADRA focuses on projects which improve the economic and mental independence of poor families through job training, micro-lending activities, and other projects positively affecting the family income.

Primary Health
Health and well-being of populations shall be improved by the development and the application of: sustainable effective preventive and medical treatments in primary health; treatment by natural remedies and medical therapy; provision of information about family planning, importance of clean drinking water and AIDS awareness and prevention education.

Disaster Preparedness and Response
ADRA provides immediate relief for the victims of natural disasters, and catastrophes caused by humans, including long-term assistance for refugees. This assistance includes medical support, emergency food, clean water, clothing, shelter and reconstruction of buildings.

Basic Education
Education is one of the key issues to break the vicious cycle of poverty. ADRA focuses in the education sector mainly on programs and infrastructure assistance for primary and secondary schools since the basic requirements of wiping out illiteracy and education are understood as the 'rights of the children'. These programs deliberately support the education of girls and women.

Project Financing

Projects of ADRA Swaziland are financed through:
• private donations from individuals
• grants for projects from other relief organisations and churches
• donations from the Seventh-day Adventist church
• contributions from local partners (project responsibility)

The correct use of the financial means is annually audited by a certified third party accountant company, Kobla Quashire & Associates which provides its findings in the yearly audit report.

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