Dear Friends,

I am greatly pleased to share with you on this website our activities, objectives and core values. We focus on quality in our programs by encouraging a real understanding of issues facing the people we are trying to help. Our programs are community based with an emphasis on monitoring and evaluation.

The current situation regarding HIV/AIDS pandemic is devastating. Swaziland now has the highest adult HIV prevalence in the world at 33.4%. The pandemic is exacerbated by, and in turn exacerbates, the deep poverty, the worsening food security, the rapid growing unemployment and in the dramatic reduction of life expectancy. The life expectancy at birth was 44 year down from about 65 years in 1990. As it has been described in the Southern African Humanitarian Appeal: “…The silent disaster of HIV/AIDS and continuing high vulnerability to HIV/AIDS infection carry on unabated in Swaziland. Deaths occur out of sight, behind the façade of home based care, leaving new orphans everyday, and increasing number of child-headed households.

For ADRA Swaziland, while humanitarian assistance is urgently needed, it is crucial that relief interventions continue to complement ongoing development projects. A simple water well can have a tremendous effect on entire communities. Believing that a hand up is more valuable than a handout, ADRA Swaziland seeks to improve the livelihood of many people.

I hope you enjoy perusing our website and will take time to express your interest in our programs and any open positions. We are glad for any questions or suggestions as well. Welcome to ADRA Swaziland!

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support!
Country Director

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