• Emergency Food Aid Distribution Project
    Currently ADRA Swaziland is distributing government purchased food to over 37,000 beneficiaries in 4 constituencies. The project started in the November 2007. The following food aid items are distributed:
    - 12kg Mealie meal
    - 1.8 beans
    - 0.75ml cooking oil
  • HIV/AIDS Training of Trainers Project
    This project that is funded by SIDA through ADRA Sweden. Approximately 30 HIV/AIDS trainers have been trained. These in turn should over 900 counselors who will then serve as counselors in the respective communities.

  • Home Based Care Project
    This project is funded by Hope For Humanity (North American Division of the Seventh Day Adventists. 36 carers were trained in January and these in turn will take of average of 200 - 300 terminally ill patients per month


  • Timbutini Improved Education For Youth Project:
    This envisaged project will improve education of youth in Timbutini by the building of 5 classrooms for a new secondary school. Timbutini is situated about 20km east of Manzini (Swaziland’s 2nd largest city). It is a rural community and the nearest secondary school is approximately 10km away. The school going youth cross a river (without a bridge) and during the rainy season they are not able to go to school when the river is flooded. Funds are still being solicited for this project and any donation should this worthy cause is welcomed

  • Timbutini Underground Water Harvest & Garden Projects
    A borehole pump has been purchased and 10,000-liter water tanks have been installed. However, there is no power which to must be connected to the electric pump. According to the Swaziland Electricity Board an amount equivalent to US $2,000 is required in order to install a transformer on site. The underground water shall be used for domestic and agricultural purposes.

    This project is meant to benefit at least 240 orphans and vulnerable children in the Timbutini area. An approximately 1.2ha of lack has been properly fenced and drip irrigation equipment has been purchased. What remains is money for the installation of the drip irrigation equipment in the garden. US $2,250 is needed to complete this project
  • Mafutseni Underground Water Harvest and Garden Projects
    To some degree this project is very similar to the above-mentioned project and there is only difference which the piece of land to be farmed is approximately 4ha. Tanks have been installed and pump purchase. What remains is connecting power to the pump. Approximately US $1,200 is needed to finish this project


  • 2002 – Distributing and reporting on Mafutseni Relief Food Aid Project – Sponsored by the Government of Germany. Approximately 9,000 beneficiaries. The project covered a period of 2 months
  • 2003/4 Distributing and reporting on Siphofaneni & Sithobela Relief Food Aid Project – Sponsored by the Government of Germany. Approximately 10,000 beneficiaries. The project covered a period of 3 months.
  • 2005 - Distributing and reporting on Mafutseni Relief Food Aid Project – Sponsored by the Government of Germany2007/8 – Distributing and reporting on Relief food aid purchased by the Government of Swaziland. This is a 6 months project with 37,474 beneficiaries.
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